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Chapter 1,2,6 Book Notes

Chapter 1,2,6 Book Notes - Cornerstone Chapter 1 Change...

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Cornerstone Chapter 1: Change notes The essential for success in a changing world Passion- “civic literacy” Motivation: “inner strength and personal drive” Knowledge: “highly skilled in a profession” Resourcefulness- “information literacy” Creativity- “Creativity and innovation” Adaptability- “reinvent yourself” Communication- “supportive personal and professional relationships” Open- mindedness- “accept and appreciate a highly diverse workplace” Accountability- “accept responsibility and be accountable” Vision- “see” what is coming Education is important for your future in culturally, socially, intellectual, and in preparing for the future. You can learn how to turn something negative to positive by goal setting, planning, hard work, and persistence. Truths about college Truth 1- success is about choices, sacrifice, and change meaning you must move beyond your comfort zone to make a good change in your life and grow as an individual. Truth #2- Higher educations is a two-way street meaning you must put the effort and commitment to get the best out of your life in college Truth #3- you’re in charge here- it’s all about self-motivation and self- responsibility meaning that only you have the power to push yourself to succeed Truth #4- Self-management will be your key to success meaning you must organize your time wisely to make it in your career. Truth #5- this is not high school meaning you must be punctual with college expectations Truth #6- eliminating the “ this isn’t Harvard syndrome” will be essential to your success meaning you should put as much effort or more than expected in each class to do your best Steps to bringing change into your life 1. Change is a skill
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2. Change takes time 3. Change requires an “attitude adjustment” 4. Change demands action 5. Change is about working toward something, not running away from something 6. Change is about letting go and holding on Building a new you- Reasonable- Meaning your goals should be a challenge for yourself. Believable- achieve a new goal by believing you can Measurable- your goal must be concrete Adaptable- goals need to be adapted to change Controllable- goals should be within your control Desirable- attain a difficult, you must want it badly Write your goals with these steps: A goal statement with a target date Action steps A narrative statement An “I deserve it” statement and A personal signature You must grasp the “ I deserve it statement
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Chapter 1,2,6 Book Notes - Cornerstone Chapter 1 Change...

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