Chapter 8 - Chapter 8 Read Notes Objectives • Understand...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 8: Read Notes Objectives: • Understand the value of reading and identify whether you are an active or passive reader • Calculate and understand your reading speed and how it affects your study time. • Apply strategies to increase your reading comprehensive • Understand the skills associated with effective reading, including dictionary usage, fixation and locating main ideas. • Understand the use the SQ3R method of reading Items that are effective for reading • An open mind • Pencils or pens • The material you’re reading • A highlighter • Paper or tablet • Dictionary Type of reading style: Passive or Active Active reading is a mind-set. Attitude you have before reading Things to do to improve reading skills: (if done they can even triple your reading time) • Mark • Highlight • Take notes • Look up words • Reflect on what you have read • Comprehend what you read Obstacles for not being able to read the average 250 words per minute- 1. Not concentrating on the passage 2. Vocabulary words with which you are not familiar 3. Stopping too long on given single words ( called fixations) 4. Not reading often enough to build your speed...
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Chapter 8 - Chapter 8 Read Notes Objectives • Understand...

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