Chapter 9 - Chapter 9 Record Notes Cultivating your...

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Chapter 9: Record Notes Cultivating your listening skills and developing a note-taking system that works for you Skills to be gained after reading the chapter Understanding the difference between listening and hearing. Define the four listening styles Overcome the obstacles to listening and ho to listen In different situations Discuss the importance of note taking and list specific tips to increase effectiveness Identify, discuss, and use the three types of note-taking systems: Cornell, outline, and mapping Necessities of listening Establishing and improving relationships Personal growth Showing respect to others Professional rapport Showing empathy and compassion Learning new information Understanding others’ opinions and views Basic survival Entertainment and Health Differences between listening and hearing- Listening is a learned, voluntary activity. You must choose to do it. Becoming an active listener requires practice, time, mistakes, guidance, and active participation. ` Hearing, however, is not learned; is it automatic and involuntary.
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Chapter 9 - Chapter 9 Record Notes Cultivating your...

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