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Professional Business Strategies - Using Professional...

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Using Professional Business Strategies Right Now Two secrets to succeed: Networking and keeping files on subjects important to you. Use your professors both as employment references and resources people o Speak about salaries and courses that need to be taken o Keep notes that you write when speaking to the people Set up your own information system o Store data on your computer and cellphone (back files up!) o Keep textbook or assigned reading as much as you can o Keep course notes o Read The Wall street Journal, The New York Times, or USA Today o Keep articles that interest you o Save under topics such as careers, small business, marketing, economics, or management File your resume o Keep a copy of your recent resume o Reference letters o Information about jobs that you have held Watch television shows such as Nightly Business Report and Jim’s Cramer’s Mad Money o Take notes and save them in your files o Keep up with business news o Try to join a local business club or group Learning To Behave Like a Professional Good manners and professionalism o Say “please” and “thank you” o Open door for others, stand when an older person enters the room and use a polite tone voice
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o Take a class in etiquette o Be honest, reliable, dependable, and ethical at all times. Basic rules to follow to succeed: o Making a first good impression Study the people who are more successful in a company Only takes a few seconds to make an impression How you dress and look are very important Learn others habits o Focusing on good grooming. Be aware of your appearance and its impact Wear appropriate, clean clothes and a few simple accessories Be consistent Ask what the organizations policies are and choose attire accordingly Simple skirts and slacks(no jeans), cotton shirts, sweaters (not too tight), blazers, and low-heeled shoes or boots(always with socks or stockings) o Being on time.
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Professional Business Strategies - Using Professional...

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