2 - IC Orientation exercise

2 - IC Orientation exercise - Developing Commitment...

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Developing Commitment: Orientation Exercise Learning objectives: Consider what might go wrong with an organizational orientation program Develop ways to match overall organizational goals with specific activities Rationale: The orientation process is the first chance a new employee has to actually see what their employing organization is like, but unfortunately, this process often gives the new recruit a negative impression of the company. In this scenario, you can see one potential outcome of a failed orientation, and consider how you might work to prevent this problem from occurring again. Scenario: Jameson Parker is an assembly line worker and part-time trainer of assembly line workers for Ford Motor Company. He trains all new workers in his service area which encompasses the western half of his state. Over the past five years, he has trained over 300 workers. Typically, the training is offered prior to the new worker’s entry onto the job, although sometimes it occurs shortly thereafter. The training program typically encompasses both the orientation of new employees to the Ford Motor Company and the development of specific skills needed by the new assembly line worker. The latter involves reading and interpreting blueprints, verifying conformance of parts to stock lists and
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2 - IC Orientation exercise - Developing Commitment...

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