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3 - 1 Job evaluation - Job Evaluation Exercise Learning...

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Job Evaluation Exercise Learning objectives: See how job characteristics are used to determine wage rates Compare your own judgments to existing wages from salary surveys Rationale: When companies set their pay policies, they begin by rating a number of benchmark jobs and then comparing the pay of these jobs to the external labor market. In this exercise you will have an opportunity to engage in exactly this process, and learn how to use government databases to get accurate salary information for different occupations. Scenario: OfficeArt is a small design company located in Miami that produces quality custom artworks for business and corporate offices. Their clients include Bank of America, CNN, Carnival Cruise Lines, the University of Miami, and other similar corporate and government entities. The basic business model involves the development of relationships with corporate clients which focus on mass customization and rapid turnaround. Clients typically contact the company through their corporate website. Information from interested companies is provided to professional artists and design consultants who travel to the site requiring artwork. Working closely with the client organization, OfficeArt consultants evaluate the office space to be decorated and conduct interviews to determine what type of “look” the organization desires. Following this process, the design concept is finalized and artwork is commissioned. Most decorating plans require multiple pieces of artwork. Typically a small number of very specific custom pieces are produced that accentuate the unique look of each company, with the bulk of the artwork coming from a warehouse. Basic prototypes for various types of art (abstract, Asian, realist, impressionist, nature, and so on) are kept and then updated to reflect the needs of each client. Because of this combination of custom and stored artwork, the company is able to achieve rapid turnaround and customization. Most artists work on a retainer basis, with work assignments depending on demand for their particular skills. The process of storage and transportation is a critical component of the handling of fine artwork, and is handled internally by OfficeArt. Up to this point, the company has relied on custom wage contracts with each of its employees, but there are increasing concerns that this practice may be exposing the OfficeArt to legal liabilities. Specifically, there have been complaints that advertising and distribution employees (about 80% of whom are male) are being paid more than
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artists and designers (about 50% of whom are female). To combat this tendency, the company has decided to formalize the wage setting policy by evaluating each job and then matching wages to the labor market. You have been called in as an outside consulting team to help with this process. At home assignment:
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3 - 1 Job evaluation - Job Evaluation Exercise Learning...

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