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HSA 3111 - Week Five Medical Tech 2010

HSA 3111 - Week Five Medical Tech 2010 - MEDICAL MEDICAL...

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Unformatted text preview: MEDICAL MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY DEFINITION: MEDICAL DEFINITION: TECHNOLOGY IS THE PRACTICAL APPLICATION OF THE SCIENTIFIC BODY OF KNOWLEDGE PRODUCED BY BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH. BIOMEDICAL WHEN GROWTH IN SCIENTIFIC WHEN KNOWLEDGE IS DEPLOYED FOR THE PURPOSE OF IMPROVING MEDICAL CARE, IT LEADS TO: MEDICAL ♦ ADVANCED ADVANCED TECHNIQUES FOR A MORE PRECISE MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS THAN WHAT HAD BEEN POSSIBLE EARLIER, EARLIER, ♦ MORE MORE EFFECTIVE AND LESS INVASIVE THERAPEUTIC AND PREVENTIVE MEDICAL PROCEDURES; PROCEDURES; ♦ MORE MORE ADVANCED EQUIPMENT, EQUIPMENT, ♦ MORE MORE ADVANCED CARE DELIVERY SETTINGS AND PROGRAMS TO FACILITATE THE DELIVERY OF HEALTH SERVICES. SERVICES. TYPES OF MEDICAL TYPES TECHNOLOGIES TECHNOLOGIES DIAGNOSTIC: CAT SCANNER FETAL MONITOR COMPUTERIZED COMPUTERIZED ELECTROCARDIOGRAPHY AUTOMATED CLINICAL LABORATORIES MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING (MRI) RESONANCE AMBULATORY BLOOD AMBULATORY PRESSURE MONITOR PRESSURE SURVIVAL (LIFE SAVING): INTENSIVE CARE UNIT (ICU) CARDIOPULMONARY CARDIOPULMONARY RESUSCITATION (CPR) RESUSCITATION BONE BONE MARROW TRANSPLANT TRANSPLANT LIVER TRANSPLANT AUTOLOGOUS AUTOLOGOUS BONE MARROW TRANSPLANT MARROW ILLNESS MANAGEMENT: RENAL DIALYSIS PACEMAKER PTCA (ANGIOPLASTY) STEREOTACTIC STEREOTACTIC CINGULOTOMY CINGULOTOMY HIP JOINT REPLACEMENT ORGAN TRANSPLANT LITHOTRIPTER PREVENTION: IMPLANTABLE IMPLANTABLE AUTOMATIC CARDIOVERTERCARDIOVERTERDEFIBRILATOR Artific ia l He a rt A rtific Infus io n P um p Infus MR I S C AN O F T HE BR AIN MR AR T IFIC IAL HIP AR P R O S T HET IC S FACILITIES FACILITIES AND CLINICAL SETTINGS: SETTINGS: HOSPITALS SATELLITE CENTERS CLINICAL LABORATORIES SUBACUTE MODERN CARE UNITS HOME HEALTH ORGANIZATIONAL DELIVERY ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: STRUCTURE: MANAGED CARE INTEGRATED INTEGRATED NETWORKS NETWORKS DELIVERY PROTON BEAM FACILITY SHANDS HEALTHCARE, SHANDS JACKSONVILLE JACKSONVILLE JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA IN FISCAL YEAR 1999-2000 IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA FUNDED $6,000,000 TO SUPPORT THE DEVELOPMENT OF A PROTON BEAM FACILITY IN JACKSONVILLE. JACKSONVILLE. P ro to n Be a m G e ne ra to r THE ESTIMATED COST OF THE BUILDING A PROTON BEAM FACILITY IS $104,000,000 TO BE EXPENDED OVER THE NEXT THREE YEARS. NEXT No, its not Stargate No, BASED ON THE INCIDENCES BASED OF NEW CASES OF CANCER YEARLY IN FLORIDA ALONE, THE FACILITY WOULD EXPECT TO TREAT 2,500 – 2,800 NEW PATIENTS BY THE END OF THE 5TH YEAR OF END OPERATION. OPERATION. WHAT IS PROTON CANCER WHAT TREATMENT? TREATMENT? PROTON BEAM THERAPY IS PROTON AN INNOVATIVE CONCEPT IN THE FIELD OF CANCER THERAPY AND DIFFERS GREATLY FROM TODAY’S CONVENTIONAL THERAPIES. CONVENTIONAL CONVENTIONAL CANCER CONVENTIONAL RADIATION TREATMENT UTILIZES X-RAYS AND ELECTRON BEAMS THAT LOSE MOST OF THEIR ENERGY AS THEY TRAVEL THROUGH HEALTHY BODY TISSUE. TISSUE. THE HEALTHY TISSUE IS THE FREQUENTLY DAMAGED LEADING TO SERIOUS SIDE EFFECTS. EFFECTS. PROTON ENERGY, PROTON HOWEVER, CAN PRODUCE A UNIFORM RADIATION DOSE THAT CAN BE DELIVERED TO DESTROY THE TUMOR WHILE EFFECTING VIRTUALLY NO INJURY TO NEARBY HEALTHY TISSUE. NEARBY IMPROVED RESULTS FOR IMPROVED PATIENTS PATIENTS MORE THAN 20,000 MORE PATIENTS HAVE RECEIVED PROTON BEAM TREATMENT IN RESEARCH INSTITUTIONS AROUND THE WORLD. RESULTS ACHIEVED WITH DIFFICULT TO TREAT TUMORS SHOW THE BENEFIT OF PROTON IRRADIATION. IRRADIATION. T h e T rilo g y Ma c h ine T h e T rilo g y line a r a c c e le ra to r c a n tre a t c a nc e r a ny wh e re in th e b o d y . Q uite s im p ly , it ta rg e ts tum o rs m o re p re c is e ly , d e live rs a h ig h d o s e o f ra d ia tio n a nd re q uire s fe we r tre a tm e nt s e s s io ns . Wh a t m a ke s it s p e c ia l? Fle xib ility – tre a tm e nt c a n b e c us to m ize d to ta rg e t m a ny d iffe re nt typ e s o f c a nc e rs , in m a ny lo c a tio ns . Ac c ura c y – R a d ia tio n b e a m s m a tc h th e th re e ­d im e ns io n s h a p e o f th e tum o r with a h ig h d e g re e o f a c c ura c y . Hig h e r Do s e s – R a d ia tio n g o e s o nly to th e c a nc e r c e lls s p a ring th e h e a lth c e lls s urro und ing th e tum o r s ite . Fe we r s e s s io ns Fe we r s id e e ffe c ts O n b o a rd im a g e r (O BI) h e lp s s y nc h ro nize tre a tm e nt with th e p a tie nt’s b re a th ing c y c le s . T a rg e ts tum o r m o re p re c is e ly , wh ile s p a ring h e a lth tis s ue . G a m m a Knife G a m m a Knife s urg e ry is a m inim a lly inva s ive a lte rna tive to c o nve ntio na l b ra in s urg e ry . C o ns id e re d th e " g o ld s ta nd a rd " o f ra d io s urg e ry te c h no lo g ie s , th is re vo lutio na ry s urg ic a l p ro c e d ure a llo ws s a fe a nd e ffe c tive tre a tm e nt fo r m a ny ty p e s o f intra c ra nia l tu m o rs a nd va s c u la r m a lfo rm a tio ns . In fa c t, th e G a m m a Knife c a n o fte n tre a t c o nd itio ns o nc e c o ns id e re d ino p e ra b le . G a m m a Knife is s a fe – no inc is io n. P re c is e – ta rg e ts e xa c t a re a . C o s t Effe c tive – c o ve re d b y Me d ic a re a nd m o s t ins ura nc e c o m p a nie s R e la tive p a in fre e S uc c e s s ful Da Vinci Robot Da http://www.floridaproton.org/can cer-treatment/proton-therapyvideo.html End of presentation for September End 22rd, 2010, 6th Period 22 Questions? Discussion? TELEMEDICINE TELEMEDICINE AND TELEHEALTH Telemedicine is the use of Telemedicine electronic communications and information technologies to provide services when participants are at different locations. locations. Closely associated with Closely telemedicine is the term telehealth. telehealth. Telehealth is the umbrella term Telehealth used to describe the ways service is delivered. service T e le h e a lth e nc o m p a s s e s a b ro a d e r a p p lic a tio n o f te c h no lo g ie s to : Dis ta nc e e d uc a tio n C o ns um e r o ure a c h Vid e o c o nfe re nc ing R e m o te m o nito ring o f vita l s ig ns C o ntinuing m e d ic a l e d uc a tio n Nurs ing c a lls Me d ic a l s p e c ia ltie s m o re like ly to Me b e e ng a g e d in te le h e a lth R a d io lo g y De rm a to lo g y C a rd io lo g y p a th o lo g y T e le m e d ic ine d o e s no t re p re s e nt a s e p a ra te m e d ic a l s p e c ia lty . It e xte nd s th e tra d itio na l p ra c tic e o f m e d ic ine . It e nc o ura g e s g re a te r c o ns um e r invo lve m e nt in d e c is io n m a king . T y p e s o f S e rvic e s S p e c ia lis t re fe rra l – invo lve s a s p e c ia lis t a s s is ting a g e ne ra l p ra c titio ne r in re nd e ring a d ia g no s is . Invo lve s d ia g no s tic im a g e s o r vid e o fo r vie wing la te r. T y p e s o f S e rvic e s Direct Patient Care – The sharing of audio, video and medical data between a patient and health professional for use in a diagnosis, treatment plan, prescription, or advice. Remote clinic…at home..physician’s office Types of Services Remote patient monitoring: uses devices to remotely collect and send data to a monitoring station for interpretation. Home health applications may include a specific vital sign such as blood pressure. specific vital sign such as blood pressure. Types of Services Medical education and mentoring Types of Services Consumer medical and health information Delivery Mechanisms Networked programs link tertiary care hospitals and clinics with outlying or remote centers. Estimated there are about 200 existing networks. Point­to­point connections Delivery Mechanisms Health provider to home connections – accomplished through phone line with interactive capabilities. Direct patient care – to monitor pacemaker and cardiac devices (example) Delivery Mechanisms Web­based e­health patient service sites such as “web MD.” http://www.webmd.com/ Federal Funding for Telemedicine Grants and contracts: estimated about $270,000,000 with one third for research contracts with the U.S. Department of Defense. Federal Funding Direct Services: Major users…Department of Defense, Indian Health Service, and Bureau of Prisons in the Department of Justice. Medicare: 10% of population is covered by Medicare and use 25% of the medical services. Largest use in teleradiology. Advantages of Telemedicine Make speciality care more available to underserved rural and urban populations Alleviate cost and inconvenience of travel Opportunities for In­service education Barriers to Telemedicine States will not allow out­state­ physicians to practice unless licensed in their state. Issue of reimbursement Fear of malpractice Inadequate technology Telehealth or Telemedicine? Telehealth is generally used as an umbrella term to describe the various ways to use technology to aid the health care professional Telemedicine describes the direct provision of clinical via telecommunications. But wait…as time advances, so will the advent of new things and new terms. Telehealth MILESTONES IN THE MILESTONES EVOLUTION OF TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY FIRST MILESTONE – THE FIRST TELEPHONE TELEPHONE NEBRASKA PSYCHIATRIC NEBRASKA INSTITUTE (EARLY 1960’S) – IMPLEMENTATION IMPLEMENTATION OF AUDIOVISUAL OF TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY LOGAN AIRPORT LOGAN TELEDERMATOLOGY PROJECT (LATE 60’S) – INTERACTIVE, CLOSEDINTERACTIVE, CIRICUIT BLACK/WHITE CIRICUIT TELEVISION. TELEVISION. NASA USED TELEHEALTH NASA TO MONITOR ASTRONAUTS IN SPACE AND PROVIDE EMERGENT CARE AS NECESSARY. NECESSARY USED AT ANARTIC SURVEY USED STATIONS BECAUSE THEY WERE UNABLE TO EASILY EVACUATE SICK PERSONNEL. PERSONNEL. POTENTIAL BENEFITS: EXPAND ACCESS TO HEALTH EXPAND CARE AND REHABILITATION SERVICES SERVICES IMPROVE QUALITY OF CARE MORE FREQUENT VISITATIONS PROVIDE MORE ACCESS TO PROVIDE THOSE IN RURAL AREAS THOSE CONVENIENCE FOR BOTH CONVENIENCE PATIENT AND PROVIDER PATIENT VAST NUMBER OF VAST EXPANDED SERVICES PROVIDED PROVIDED PLETHORA OF HEALTH CARE PLETHORA INFORMATION INFORMATION WORLDWIDE DATABASES LIBRARIES CONFERENCES RECORDS SUPPORT COMMUNITIES ENCOURAGE PATIENTS TO ENCOURAGE BECOME ACTIVE IN THEIR HEALTH CARE HEALTH ALLOWS PHYSICIANS TO ALLOWS WORK COLLABORATIVELY WITH THEIR COLLEAGUES FROM DISTANT LOCATIONS. FROM PHYSICIANS CAN DISCUSS PHYSICIANS NEW AND LATEST ADVANCES IN CARE, SEEK OPINIONS, CONDUCT RESEARCH, ETC. RESEARCH, PRIMARY CARE ON-LINE PRIMARY SERVICES SERVICES SCHEDULING APPOINTMENTS E-MAIL PHYSICIAN – ALLEVIATES E-MAIL PHONE TAG, CONVENIENT, QUICK QUICK PRESCRIPTIONS, AS WELL AS PRESCRIPTIONS, THE CAPACITY TO DOUBLETHE CHECK FOR ACCURACY PURCHASE OF MEDICAL PURCHASE PRODUCTS PRODUCTS LEAVES ROOM TO ASK LEAVES PHYSICIAN QUICK QUESTIONS THAT DO NOT WARRANT A VISIT THAT PATIENT MAY HAVE ACCESS TO PATIENT MEDICAL RECORDS MEDICAL PATIENT CAN INPUT PERSONAL PATIENT MEDICAL DATA, I.E., BLOOD SUGARS, BLOOD PRESSURE, ETC. ETC. RAMPANT, CONTINUOUS, RAMPANT, AND GROWING USE OF TELEHEALTH TELEHEALTH SHORTCOMINGS OF SHORTCOMINGS TELEHEALTH TELEHEALTH PRIVACY OF PATIENT INFORMATION IS QUESTIONED HIGH COST OF TECHNOLOGY DUE TO IMMENSE AMOUNT OF INFORMATION ­ CREDITABILITY OF SOURCES IS QUESTIONABLE POTENTIAL ABUSE SINCE THE USE OF THE SINCE INTERNET FOR ACCESSING HEALTH INFORMATION IS NEW, THERE EXISTS LITTLE IN THE WAY OF SAFEGUARDS FOR CONSUMERS. CONSUMERS. CONSUMERS SHOULD MAKE CONSUMERS SURE THAT WEB SITES USED TO OBTAIN INFORMATION ABOUT HEALTH AND MEDICINE ARE PROVIDED BY A RELIABLE AND CREDIBLE SOURCE. AND IN SOME CASES COMMERCIAL IN INTERESTS SUCH AS A DRUG MANUFACTURER MAY SPONSOR OR CONTRIBUTE INFORMATION TO THE WEB SITE. CONSUMERS SHOULD LOOK FOR ASSURANCES THAT THE INFORMATION PROVIDED IN THESE CASES IS OBJECTIVE AND DOES NOT FAVOR THE SPONSOR’S PRODUCTS. PRODUCTS. AT THIS TIME CONSUMERS AT SHOULD EXERCISE CAUTION IN USING WEB SITES THAT OFFER ONLINE DIAGNOSIS AND PRESCRIBE TREATMENT AND MEDICATION FOR THE DIAGNOSED CONDITION. THERE ARE CURRENTLY NO RECOGNIZED AUTHORITIES OVERSEEING THE OPERATION OF THESE SITES. OF CONSUMERS ARE CONSUMERS CAUTIONED AGAIN OBTAINING PRESCRIBED MEDICINES FROM WEB SITES THAT OFFER BOTH DIAGNOSIS OF CONDITION AND DIRECT SALES OF THE PRESCRIBED MEDICINE. PRESCRIBED CONSUMERS SEEKING MEDICAL CONSUMERS TREATMENT FROM HEALTH PROFESSIONALS OVER THE INTERNET SHOULD RECEIVE CLEAR ASSURANCES THAT THEY WILL BE INTERACTING WITH A QUALIFIED PROFESSIONAL HOLDING THE APPROPRIATE CREDENTIALS AND THAT THE PROFESSIONAL IS ABLE TO LEGALLY PRACTICE MEDICINE IN THE CONSUMERS LOCATION. THE CLINICAL CONSULTATION CLINICAL OVER THE WEB BY CREDENTIALED PROVIDERS SHOULD INCLUDE PROCEDURES THAT PROTECT THE PATIENT INCLUDING: INCLUDING: INFORMED CONSENT INFORMATION SECURITY INFORMATION AND PRIVACY PROTECTION MEASURES MEASURES DOCUMENTATION OF THE DOCUMENTATION CLINICAL ENCOUNTER CLINICAL CYBERCHONDRIA A MAJOR DRIVER OF HEALTH MAJOR CARE WILL BE A SPECIAL FORM OF ELECTRONIC COMMUNITY: THAT OF CYBERCHRONDRIACS, PEOPLE WHO USE THE INTERNET TO SEEK HEALTH CARE INFORMATION. CARE THE CYBERCHONDRIACS THE USING THE WEB TO SEARCH FOR HEALTH CARE INFORMATION THEREFORE ACCOUNT FOR 68 PERCENT OR SIXTY MILLION ADULTS, A STAGGERING NUMBER. STAGGERING AS THE INTERNET CONTINUES AS TO GROW, WE ARE ALL LIKE TO BECOME CYBERCHRONDRIACS TO SOME DEGREE, FOREVER CHANGING THE WAY WE ACCESS MEDICAL CARE. ACCESS END OF LECTURE FOR END September 22rd, 2010, 7th Period September QUESTIONS? DISCUSSION? ...
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