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INSTRUCTIONS FOR STUDENTS ENROLLING IN WEBASSIGN MAC 2233, Spring 2011 1. Go to http://www.webassign.net to LOG IN. 2. Username: gatorlink user name (DO NOT CHANGE YOUR USER NAME!!) Institution Code: ufl Password: a) If you are already using webassign for another course, use that password. b) If you are not currently using webassign or the password from (a) is not accepted, use your section number as your initial password. You will then want to change that to a secure password. c) If you still cannot enter the system, you may contact technical support at 800-955-8275. 3. Once you are at your homepage in webassign, be sure to click on notification
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Unformatted text preview: at the top right of the page. You will be able to set up an email reminder of the due dates for your assignments. 4. When taking an assignment: Most problems (except selected multiple choice problems) may be attempted 5 times. When you are working the problems, you may click on Save Work at the end of the assignment to save your work and return to the assignment later without grading, or Submit Answers which will grade the assignment. You can submit answers for individual problems as well to be graded immediately. HOURS FOR WEBASSIGN TECHNICAL SUPPORT (800-955-8275): Mon – Friday: 8AM – 8PM Sunday: 2PM – 10PM...
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