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Unformatted text preview: 1 H-ITT SoftClick Users Guide The SoftClick pallets are sized for small screen application such as a web enabled cell phone. If using a computer, you can resize the browser window so that these pallets are small and unobtrusive on your monitor. You can purchase a SoftClick license key at H-ITTs secure on-line store; follow the links from the Purchase section at After you have purchased a SoftClick license key, go to to set up your SoftClick account. First time users will need to sign up for an account using their license key. The SoftClick Login screen will appear. . Click here to get to the registration screen Upon successful registration you will see this screen. You can login now to use SoftClick for a H-ITT session, or log in later as discussed below. A Hyper-Interactive Teaching Technology Company H-ITT LLC. 420 Shearer Blvd. Cocoa, Florida 32922 Complete the information requested and click Register The password can be letters and/or numbers, and should be at least 5 characters long. Remember this password as you will need this to log in and join H-ITT sessions. The License key is 16 characters with no spaces. Valid characters are 0 through 9 and A through F. If you enter any information incorrectly an error message will appear leading you to the field that resulted in the error. 2 Logging in to join a H-ITT session . Go to Enter your email and password and click _ Login _ The SoftClick application sends your answers to a web database. The confirmation given to you by SoftClick (i.e. the green OK at the top of the answer pallet) is only confirmation that your answer was received by the web site; THIS IS NOT CONFIRMATION that your answer was received by your instructor. The H-ITT Acquisition program (used by your instructor in the classroom) will display your ID box, then giving you confirmation that your answer was received by the program. Your answers will not be received if you enter the wrong session or homework ID, or select the wrong remote mode. It is your responsibility to make sure you are logged into the correct session or homework ID and have selected the correct remote mode....
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SoftClickusersGuide - 1 H-ITT SoftClick Users...

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