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Unformatted text preview: Name" Quiz 1A Section Date / / You must show all work! No calculators allowed on this Quiz. 1.)Find the coordinates of the points that are 10 units away from the origin and have a ('2 9+5.) y-coordinate equal to -6. art‘9l4 '1 (0/0) GIIIO/ (XI "6) art'- ‘0 U/N‘i“ 0W7 .4 = Jo.~x.)“+ (g, vhf IO = .}(;t--¢=)"+(--t§-0)a to 2 Jr" +34 [00 : x"+3s' gqrxi x:;|'8 Thus, (st—6) Gaol («33—6) 53+J‘S—F}! 1"“: Cd/ujr'lzu'aq; U +) 2.) True 0 IE If the slope of the line L; is positive, then the slope of a line L2 '0 perpendic at to L; may be positive or negative. U L is increasmg. L, I I 5- CE L2 ‘15 fact-Pancho; at” In . x 1-6 L +116” L2. mas?" be. dear-canal; oagz‘ ‘/ L2 (2 Ft?) 3.) Write the domain in interval notation for f (x): x2—4 . XL" LI 5" O ( S Mae We can no+ have. ain‘t/1‘50” Bf zero.) 5° (X-a)(x+a);é0 hence xaa and “4-; 3: (~ a0,-2)U(-J,3)U(a,°°) ...
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