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ECE 315 Homework 10 Due 11:15am, November 30, 2007 in the drop box 1. (CMOS static logic and transistor sizing) Sketch a CMOS realization for the function Y=(A+B(C+D))’ in full complementary CMOS logic. Give the simple W/L ratios for all transistors such that the worst-case t pHL and t pLH of the logic gate match those of the inverter with (W/L) PMOS =6/2 and (W/L) NMOS =3/2. We will use this W/L notation for the entire homework. (10 pts) 2. (Self loading in transistor sizing) For a full static CMOS circuits that implement the function of V out = (ABCD)’ . (a) In PDN, if each transistor can be approximated with a resistor proportional to L/W (large-signal R ON ) and the ONLY capacitive load at the drain C D proportional to WL , express the time constant when the four transistors are of identical minimal sizes of W/L =3 λ /2 (in which case, R ON =R m , and C D =C m ). Assume the output has no additional capacitive loading, and the Miller effect has already been included in C D .
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