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Brief Assignment 10

Brief Assignment 10 - situation with the Muslim girl I...

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The ethical lenses I used in my paper was an individual right. Originally I had begun with a utilitarian view because I thought that they should allow professors to teach about nude models to help the greatest number of art students. But as I was researching incidents, I found one story about a Muslim girl who was failing a class for refusing to participate in the nude sketches. After reading this I realized that the issue is what is right for an individual. I agree with all three ethical issues and believe that each one is appropriate for different situations. I usually take the view of individual rights in my life because I don’t feel I have the right to tell someone how to live their life and vise versa. I don’t plan on changing my ethical lens because I have plenty of support throughout my paper for an individual issue. For example, when I was discussing the
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Unformatted text preview: situation with the Muslim girl I discussed what a right is: “Just because someone has the right does not mean it needs to be used. A right is a choice; therefore if a student chooses to use it for their education, it should be just as accepted as those who chose not to.” Another example is when a young man’s artwork was taken down from a gallery. He received an A on the assignment but the university took down his artwork for his nude content. “It is a personal choice that should not be influenced in one way or another by someone else.” My research has shown examples in each of the three ethical theories. The best theory my paper is individual because it is about being aloud a right, but it is a right not an obligation....
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