English 1301 Syllabus

English 1301 Syllabus - English 1301 Essentials of College...

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Sections 22, 28, 36 and 40 The following provides you with the regulations governing Mr. Boettger's 1301 sections. They supplement the onsite polices, which begin on page xxiv of your textbook. Submission of your first assignment indicates you have read, understood and agreed to all policies. Instructor Information Instructor: Ryan Boettger Email: ryan.k.boettger@ttu.edu Office No: Eng-476 Office Hours: Tuesdays – 12:30-2pm & 3:30-5pm, or by appointment Attendance Your presence in ENGL 1301 is mandatory not optional. You are required to sign the attendance sheet at the beginning of each class. It is your responsibility to sign this sheet; it is the only record I have of your attendance. The 2 absences that do not deduct points from your grade are not considered "allowed", "free" or "permitted" - they only result in no points being deducted from your grade. Any quizzes or participation grades given on a day when you are absent results in a grade of zero (0) for that in-class assignment and may not be made up. Excessive Absences Any student who accumulates 4 absences during the semester will be dropped from the course via a formal written request to the dean. You will be notified at absence #3 that a drop is pending. If you miss 4 classes, you have missed 25% of the course content. You will not have received sufficient exposure to the material to meet the course goals and learning outcomes. If the drop occurs before the 45th class day of the long semester, your will receive grade of W. If the drop occurs after that time, your will receive a grade of F. Extended Illness If you have an illness that means you'll be gone for an extended period of time (no more than 4 absences), you need to follow university protocol as per the Academic Regulations. The following is taken from "Reporting Illness": In case of an illness that will require absence from class for more than one week, the student should notify his or her academic dean. The dean’s office will inform the student’s instructors through the departmental office. If you disappear for an extended period without letting me know, I'll presume
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English 1301 Syllabus - English 1301 Essentials of College...

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