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ENGLISH FREE WRITE: What did you do over the weekend? i had the best weekend i've had in a while. I went to visit jason in seminole. he is so dang sweet. I stayed there two nights and ended up meeting his whole dang family! They are all so sweet. he was right he is a momma's boy and its adorable. a guy has got to love his mom right? Sunday night i went to get my ear pierced. i think i like it a lot more than i was expecting. Jason came with me to do that. Gosh every time i have stepped into a tattoo parlor he has been there. which reminds me i owe him $30. i had so much fun watching the stars. it was like something out of a movie. the coyotes made it really exciting and if my heart wasnt racing fast enough already it was then. being around jason all weekend was amazing i felt so comfortable around him. no pressure i can just be my goofy little self. i probably wont tell him this for a while but he makes me feel so good about who i am. i feel so silly but when we were driving, i couldnt take my eyes off
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Unformatted text preview: him. i dont think ive stared at someone like that in a while! we took an amazing picture and i cant help but smile when i look at them! its hard to put this weekend into words. the only part of the weekend that had any negative side was when we had to pull over for him to smoke. the last thing i wanted to do was be controlling so i said okay. i know how much smoking hurts someone, and it hurts me to watch him do that to himself. he is doing a good job though. i spent over 24 hours with him and he only had one. so what else. .. my mom freaked out about my ear. melissa made me a really great home cooked meal. .. time out . .. text message. .. wow. i think my heart skipped a beat and my tummy flipped over! "i'm falling for you michelle. .. fast" wow. speechless much . .. pretty much the best weekend :D time isnt up so i have to keep writing something. .. oops just kidding!...
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