IDS355 Syllabus Summer 2011

IDS355 Syllabus Summer 2011 - IDS 355 Introduction to...

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IDS 355 Introduction to Operations Management Summer 2011 INSTRUCTOR: Prof. Aris Ouksel Office: UH 2411 Phone: 312-996-0771 Email: [email protected] Class Time: 04:15pm-06:45pm Days: Tuesday, Thursday Classroom: Lecture Center F1 Office Hours: By appointment only TEACHING ASSISTANTS (FOR LAB SECTIONS): TA/Instructor: Doug Lundquist Email: [email protected] Office Hours: By appointment only TA/Instructor: Ivan Alfaro Email: [email protected] Office Hours: By appointment only LAB SCHEDULE: Call # Day Time Room TA email 14151 Wednesday 4 - 6:30pm L270 EPASW Ivan Alfaro [email protected] 14153 Monday 4 - 6:30pm L270 EPASW Doug Lundquist [email protected]
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Email and Overall Communication All your email communications must be sent to either the professor or your TA. Please include the following in your subject line: IDS 355, Lab Section, TA Name. For example, if you are in the Monday 2pm lab section, and your TA is named Smith, please have your subject line read: IDS 355, M 2pm, Smith . This will help us process your request faster. NOTE: There are three different people you may possibly contact depending on your specific inquiry (the categories are indicated below). Failing to follow this policy will result in your message being postponed or even ignored. Please follow these guidelines: If you have a question regarding Blackboard access or labs (assignments, participation, or temporarily switching sections), please contact your TA only! (see email addresses on the first page) If you have a conflict regarding the time you attend the labs or class, getting a group project completed, issues with Blackboard or exam grading , please contact the course coordinator, Doug Lundquist ( [email protected] ). If you have a question regarding lectures, topics, or course content in general, please contact Prof. Ouksel ( [email protected] ). Once again, please make sure to follow the outlined policies regarding course communication. It is in your best interest to contact the right person so your issue can be resolved as soon as possible. Course Description Operations Management is the management of systems or processes that create goods and/or provide services. It is about how efficiently a company can produce goods and /or provide services. As companies are increasingly competing on the basis of time, cost and service, managing operations becomes critical for the competitiveness of any business. Studying operations management gives you important knowledge concerning how they do this. Since operations are a key part of the existence of a company, everyone deals with them, if only indirectly. If you are involved in making a decision concerning marketing or accounting or finance or human resources or information systems, you will, or should, be concerned about operations. In this course, you will learn about the operations manager’s view of the company and will learn about the
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IDS355 Syllabus Summer 2011 - IDS 355 Introduction to...

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