Chapter 1 � Speaking In Public

Chapter 1 � Speaking In Public - reference. No two...

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Chapter 1 – Speaking In Public Public Speaking vs. Conversation Similarities o Oraganizing thoughts logically o Tailoring message to audience o Telling story for maximum impact o Adapting to feedback Differences o Public speaking is more highly structured o Public speaking requires more formal language o Public speaking requires a different method of delivery Speech Communication Process Speaker – who is speaking Message – what is being said Channel – medium through which message is delivered Listener – who is receiving the message Feedback – response from listeners Interference – something which disrupts the message Situation – venue, how much time is allotted, environment, circumstance of the speech. Frame of Reference – sum of a persons knowledge, experience, goals, values and attitudes. Everything said is filtered through a listeners frame of
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Unformatted text preview: reference. No two people have the same frame of reference. Reducing Speech Anxiety: • Acquire experience • Lots of preparation • Think positively • Use the power of visualization • Know that nervousness is not visible • Don’t expect perfection • Tense body parts in the beginning to alleviate stress, relax later • Take deep breaths before starting • Know introduction very well in order to gain confidence and momentum Positive nervousness – gives you energy before the speech. Adrenaline. Critical Thinking • Focused organized thinking • Relationships among ideas • Soundness of evidence • Differences between fact and opinion Ethnocentrism – believing one’s group or culture is superior to all other groups or cultures....
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Chapter 1 � Speaking In Public - reference. No two...

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