Chapter 10 – Outlining the Speech

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Chapter 10 – Outlining the Speech Preparation Outline – a detailed outline developed during the process of speech preparation that includes the title, specific purpose, central idea, introduction, main points, sub-points, connections, conclusion, and bibliography or a speech. Guidelines for the Preparation Outline State the specific purpose of your speech Identify the central idea Label the introduction, body and conclusion Use a consistent pattern of symbolization and indentation State main points and subpoints in full sentences Label transitions, internal summaries, and internal previews
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Unformatted text preview: • Attach a bibliography • Give your speech a title if one is desired Speaking outline – a brief outline used to jog a speakers memory during the presentation of a speech Guidelines for the Speaking Outlines • Follow the visual framework used in the preparation outline • Make sure the outline is legible • Keep the outlines brief as possible • Give yourself cues for delivering the speech • Practice with your speaking outline • Number note cards and write on one side...
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