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informative outline - tornados - 1 Rahul Saha CMM 121...

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Rahul Saha 6/21/2011 CMM 121 Informative Speech: Tornadoes Purpose: To inform the audience about tornadoes Thesis: Tornados are dangerous natural disasters and should not be taken lightly. I believe that knowledge of tornadoes can help us better survive them. I will discuss the causes of a tornado, where they are most prevalent, and safety protocols associated with tornadoes. I. Introduction A. Hook/Attention Getter: Have you ever been outside during the afternoon and heard the tornado siren? Usually, the city is just testing the sirens to make sure they work in the event of an actual tornado. Since we are accustomed to this weekly test, we think nothing of the sirens. But what would you do, if the siren was real? B. Relevance: Tornadoes are devastating acts of nature and can occur anywhere or anytime. Chances are, you will either have been in a tornado, or know someone that has before your lifetime is over. C. Credibility: At age 7, I lived in Cincinnati, OH where a tornado ripped through our neighborhood. I witnessed the tornado wreaking havoc on our street. The only thing that saved my family and friends was our knowledge of tornados and tornado safety protocol. D. Thesis : Today, I will share the same knowledge with you.
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informative outline - tornados - 1 Rahul Saha CMM 121...

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