Plant hmwk 3 - Ciantera Rose Homework Set #3 1....

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Ciantera Rose Homework Set #3 1. Experimental Design: I would use six seedlings, 4 replicates of the plant hormone treatment and 2 controls (wildtype). I would use cups and fill them with a soil media and a Hoagland nutrient solution to promote growth. Rinse the seeds with bleach and plant them in the media using forceps. Then inoculate the unknown plant hormone into the hole where the seed is using a pipette. Even out media. Let plants grow for a week or two. Observe the type of growth the plants have made in comparison to the wildtype. To see of it is cytokinin/auxin I would look at root/shoot growth, lateral bud growth and other growth patterns like cell elongation shoot organogenesis, apical dominance, and senescence. To see if it’s GA I would look at stem elongation, fruit growth, and seed germination. To see if it is ABA I would see if plant bud growth was inhibited and observe signs of dormancy. Hypothetically I observe mutant phenotypes to be unusually tall and spindly in
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Plant hmwk 3 - Ciantera Rose Homework Set #3 1....

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