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BRYAN BAILEY_Design_Writing_Instructions_Project

BRYAN BAILEY_Design_Writing_Instructions_Project - Bryan...

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Bryan Bailey Engl 3373, Module 3 Assignment: Design/Writing Instructions Project Fall 2010 MyTechCommLab – Design Tutorial 1. Elements of Visual Rhetoric – Audience Writing Prompt Using a search engine that can search images (like Google), locate another example of a traffic sign from a different country. Then compare that traffic sign to the version of the sign with which you are most familiar. What are the differences in how two different signs convey similar messages? These signs both mean the same thing in each of their countries. The first sign, with its octagonal shape, red background and white letters spelling STOP is an obvious one to us, it tells us to stop. The sign next to it is from Korea and while this sign from Korea more resembles our yield sign, it in fact is asking the driver to stop. The sign is circular and the message is conveyed with the red circle, the red triangle in the center and the word STOP spelled in Korean. These signs may look a different, but in fact are telling the driver the same message – STOP. While the differences are obvious, red and the word STOP are the obvious clues here to the similarities of these signs.
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2. Using Visuals Writing Prompt Locate a document that directly addresses a multi-cultural or bilingual audience. What visual elements are employed to help make the document more accessible to the multiple audiences it addresses? Write a short analysis that explains how the document uses visuals to this end.
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BRYAN BAILEY_Design_Writing_Instructions_Project - Bryan...

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