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BRYAN BAILEY_Design_Exercise

BRYAN BAILEY_Design_Exercise - Bryan Bailey Engl 3373 Week...

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Bryan Bailey Engl 3373, Week 3 Assignment Fall 2010 Software Download Instructions I chose to use the adobe site, as I needed to download a reader plug-in for my computer. I found that the website’s language did in fact promote usability. The information provided was clear and concise. Adobe’s site is very direct and to the point. The content was “chunked” on the download page very well, as the user could quickly locate the program they are looking for, which I did, and click the link that takes you directly to the download screen. There are only three buttons offered on the product download page for the reader I selected. Those buttons include Learn More, System Requirements, and Distribute Shockwave Player. I own a Mac, so am not sure if that affects the instructional content of the download or not. With a Mac, downloading is very easy and to the point. I didn’t find that on the Adobe site the instructions were layered for different audiences. Honestly, there were very little instructions offered. As soon as you click the product and then download, it does just that, downloads. Any additional information needed, from the three buttons previously mentions, when clicked was very useful. There are visual elements such as the Download Now button. Once clicked, the visual element is then the download timer, letting the user know how long the download should take. The Adobe site did provide me an error
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message when I did not complete the download (I accidentally closed the download box). The error message notified me that the reader was not installed correctly and would need to be reinstalled. There is in fact a My Support button that allows the user to contact the company, customer service or someone who can assist with downloading and installation. Adobe does an excellent job of offering their customers and users several avenues with which they can be contacted regarding their products.
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