Universal Qurestions Paper Preparation

Universal Qurestions Paper Preparation - Blake Believed...

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Unformatted text preview: Blake Believed that all parts of us (and all kinds of men and women) were necessary and as it should be. Believed in the balance of energy and reason were needed to keep each other in check. Blake like contraries. I like how you connected the ideas in it to the situation in your own world today. I think that while energy was suppressed in Blake's day, we are more likely to see energy out of control now--excessive sexuality, children out of control, excessive spending, excessive breaking of the rules of society (I want it, I do it), wars declared before governments have exhausted other more reasonable ways of dealing with differences. Blake might argue now that we needed more reason to contain energy at this point since he believed in the necessity of a "sustained tension" between reason and energy or a balance in which they kept each other in check. Blake was a social activist and might have viewed the attitude to just accept things as they are as passive acceptance of what needs to be changed. For example, if racism/ sexism/ageism exists, should we just accept thats the way it is, or get involved with the civil rights of the people who are being unfairly discriminated against. I think Blakes attitude toward energy and action would lead him to not go with the flow but fight injustice to restore balance and equity. He might say that the sneaking serpents of injustice will try to contain the just man from doing anything, but we should act when we see injustice rather being passive and accepting to authority figures that are unjust. Teenage drug use is rampant in the US United States and the rest of the world facing an economic recession caused by the collapse of a global housing bubble Blake: I read a story about teenage drug use being rampant in these United States. I find this time, the 21 st century, full of Energy and many would say that this energy and desire are the evils of man and must be conquered by the good of restraint and reason. We have all walked in the Garden of Love as children and played on the green, but now these teenagers, they see and hear about all the thou shalt nots and see the world the once played innocently in and see it filled with death, despair and oppression, that they feel bound with briars, their joys and desires that they most likely feel the need for escape. But this is not the way little Lambs. As Energy is the only life and is from the Body and Reason is the bound or outward circumference of Energy. In my day, Energy was more suppressed and as I look around I am seeing Energy out of control....
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Universal Qurestions Paper Preparation - Blake Believed...

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