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Bailey.Bryan.Universal Questions

Bailey.Bryan.Universal Questions - 1 Bailey Bryan Bailey...

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Bryan Bailey [email protected] Professor Garcia English 1301.8430/9001 September 12, 2010 Universal Questions, Old Dogs Teach New Tricks Henley: Bright lights, swirling colors, time warped and here we are my friends. What a delightful meal and what interesting technology they have in this time. Alphabetical keys, glass screens and talking heads, it is simply amazing, just as our time travel here. I am stuffed and need to let everything settle. What say we discuss with one another what we learned this evening? I will go first, if none of you protest. I stumbled across a story when trying to use that new device, about a man named Aaron Ralston, a climber who amputated his own arm to survive a mountaineering accident and continued to climb. This man fell to the “clutch of circumstance, but did not wince or cry aloud,” indeed he carried on, arm “bloody, he did not bow.” It must have been very difficult for him, in that moment, in that space, as “black as the pit from pole to pole.” He did not succumb however, as he was an “unconquerable soul.” This man reminds me of myself, strong and determined in the face of his own adversity. Also like myself, he knows not what waits for him after this life, so he must seize his opportunity now – which he did, he kept climbing. I admire Ralston as he “is the master of his fate and the captain of his soul” and in his “place of wrath and tears” he found himself unafraid and unconquerable. It is my opinion that this fellow Ralston found strength from the pain of loosing his arm, from which he gained continued motivation to finish what he started. “It matters not how strait the gate” will be for Ralston, for he has accomplished this goal. I know that for Ralston, this experience may haunt 1
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his thoughts and memories as the “menace of his years, but it shall continue to find him unafraid.” Blake: That was amazing Henley, I can see where you would find that a triumphant story. I however, read a story about teenage drug use being rampant in these United States. I find this time, the 21 st century, full of “Energy” and many would say that this energy and desire are the evils of man and must be conquered by the good of restraint and reason. We have all walked in the “Garden of Love” as children and “played on the green.” But these teenagers, their younger naïve childhood behind them, see and hear about all the “thou shalt nots” and they see this world that they once played innocently in filled with death, despair and oppression, that they are “bound with briars, their joys and desires” and they feel the need for escape.
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Bailey.Bryan.Universal Questions - 1 Bailey Bryan Bailey...

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