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ME 466 - Machine Design NAME ____________________________________ Fall Semester, 2000 Final Exam, 200 Points, Open Book 1. (25 Points) A full journal bearing in a machine carries a load of 1.20 kN and has a diameter of 30 mm and a length of 30mm. The bearing operates at a speed of 1500 rpm and it is to operate at minimum friction. It uses SAE 40 oil at an average operating temperature of 50°C. Determine the desired radial clearance, the power loss, the side flow loss, and the rise in temperature of the oil. What is Trumpler's criteria “factor of safety”? 2. (20 Points) The pinion in a gear set is a spur gear with 20 ? full depth teeth and a diametral pitch of 12. It has 28 teeth and rotates at a speed of 2000 rpm. The mating gear rotates half as fast. They both have a face width of 0.75 inch and are made of alloy steel with a core hardness of 320 Bhn. The tooth profiles are done with a precision that justifies the use of curve C of Fig 15.24 and the assumption that the teeth share the load. The loading involves only light to moderate shock, justifying the use of K o = 1.5. Estimate the horsepower that can be transmitted with 99% reliability, based on tooth bending fatigue and a factor of safety of 1.8. HP: _____________
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fe_00f - ME 466 Machine Design Fall Semester 2000 Final...

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