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ME 466 - Machine Design NAME ____________________________________ Summer Term, 2000 Final Exam, 200 Points, Open Book 1. (25 Points) A shown shaft transmits 1 5 horsepower at a speed of 5 00 rpm. The bearing at A is designed to take all of the axial load. Determine the following: 2. (20 Points) The pinion in a gear set is a spur gear with 20 ° full depth teeth and a diametral pitch of 10. It has 30 teeth and rotates at a speed of 5000 rpm. The mating gear has 60 teeth. They both have a face width of 1.00 inch and are made of alloy steel with a core hardness of 250 Bhn. The tooth profiles are done with a precision that justifies the use of curve C of Fig 15.24 and the assumption that the teeth share the load. The loading involves only very mild shock, justifying the use of K o = 1.1. Estimate the horsepower that can be transmitted with 99% reliability, based on tooth bending fatigue and a factor of safety of 1.5. HP: _____________ 3. (10 Points) The gears in the previous problem have been case hardened to 43 R c (400 Bhn) giving a high surface hardness. Estimate the horse power that can be transmitted for 3000 hours with 99% reliability and a 1.5 factor of safety, based on surface strength. HP: _____________
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fe_00m - ME 466 - Machine Design Summer Term, 2000 Final...

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