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ME 466 - Machine Design NAME _________________________________ Fall Semester, 2000 Quiz 2, 25 Points, Closed Book A 120 volt electric motor runs at 1780 rpm and develops 1.50 horsepower and drives the input of the 10 pound gear box shown. The gearbox provides a 4 to 1 speed reduction with a 95% efficiency. The output shaft rotates in the same direction as the input shaft (a) What is the torque at the input shaft?
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Unformatted text preview: ________ ft lb (b) What is the torque at the output shaft? ________ ft lb (c) What is the net torque which must be resisted by the gearbox support? ________ ft lb (d) What is the current input to the electric motor if the motor efficiency is 90%? ___________ (e) What are the loads at the support points A and B ? A : ________________ B : _________________ Input Output 8" 4" 10" A B...
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