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ME 466 - Machine Design NAME _________________________________ Fall Semester, 2005 Quiz 7, 25 Points, Open Book 1. (10 Points) Determine the fatigue strength of a 3/4 inch diameter 4140 steel shaft (heat treated and tempered at 800 ° F) which is to be designed for a life of 50,000 revolutions. 2. (15 Points) A steel cantilever beam is subjected to a repeated force which causes a bending stress at the wall
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Unformatted text preview: which varies from 5,000 psi to 10,000 psi. Determine the factor of safety of this application if the beam has a yield strength of 60 kpsi, an ultimate tensile strength of 75 kpsi, a fatigue strength of 25 kpsi, and a notch sensitivity of 0.80. The stress concentration at the wall is 1.75....
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