EE10004SP2010 - EE100L Fundamentals of Computer,...

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EE100L Fundamentals of Computer, Electrical, and Optical Engineering Laboratory Instructor: Dennis Hite Office: EB217-k 824-3584 E-mail: (email is the best way to contact me) Office hours: Announced in class Textbooks and Lab Supplies: (available at UAH bookstore) Required: 1. EE100 Course Text. 2. Lab kit (serial number: 32UOAHNTPK1) Laboratory information: The laboratory tutorials and exercises are designed to provide you with hands-on experience using software simulation tools and hardware. You will be assigned homework each week at the end of lab; do not leave the lab until you know the homework assignment and what should be turned in. Homework should be turned in at the beginning of the next lab session. Late assignments will not be accepted unless arrangements are made before or during the lab session at which the assignment was made. Exceptions may be made for circumstances beyond the student’s control. This is a hands-on lab and attendance is extremely important as reflected in the grading policy. The labs move along very quickly it is important that you read the lab tutorials before coming to class. Normally we will only spend 10 to 15 minutes in the lab discussing the
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This note was uploaded on 07/19/2011 for the course EE 100 taught by Professor Hite during the Summer '11 term at University of Alabama - Huntsville.

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EE10004SP2010 - EE100L Fundamentals of Computer,...

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