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1 Exam 4/Cumulative Final Monday, Dec 13, 11:15 am-1:45 pm Location: Javits 100 Both exams handed out at same time. Exam 4: – Lectures 30-39 (10% Simon, 60% Li, 30% Haltiwanger) – Format same as other midterms. – Approximately 10 points/lecture Cumulative Final: – 40 multiple choice questions. – Approximately 1 question/lecture. TA Review: Mon, Dec 6, 6:50-10:00 pm, Javits 100 Faculty Review: Friday, December 10, 4-6 pm, ESS 001 Online Course Evaluations • Website: http://tlt.stonybrook.edu/evaluate – Need NetID and password. • Site open until Dec 12. • Win a free iPAD! • Completely anonymous. • Instructors do not see results until after grades are posted. Integration of Metabolism I Lecture 38 Chapter 22-1 and 2 Chapter 13-1 and 3
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Figure 22-1 Key branch points in metabolism: Figure 22-5 Glucose-6-phosphate is major branch point for carbohydrate metabolism: Regulation occurs at three levels Cellular level (local control): – Allosteric modulation of committed and irreversible steps in pathways. – Energy state: • Catabolic pathways (glycolysis, CAC, glycogen breakdown, ß-oxidation) stimulated by low energy state. • Anabolic pathways (gluconeogeneis, glycogen synthesis, fatty acid biosynthesis) stimulated by high energy state. Tissue level: – Tissues have different roles. – Tissue specific isozymes: glucokinase vs. hexokinase. Organismal level: – Hormonal (insulin, glucagon, epinephrine) – Effects often mediated by reversible phosphorylation (PKA). Brain • Requires glucose as fuel. – Consumes nearly 120 g/day (out of 180 g/ day for whole body). – Low blood glucose (less than 2 mM) impairs brain function. – Stores little glycogen, so glucose must
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Lecture38-2010 - Exam 4/Cumulative Final Online Course...

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