US101 week6 assignment

US101 week6 assignment - 4 o Interpersonal 1 o...

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Week 6 Assignment Due March 26, 2010 I see myself as a converger as well as a accommodator. I prefer tasks and problems rather than social and interpersonal issues. Many things I have learned in life has been by trial and error. I S F J / I think things through, I get the facts, I make informed value judgements, and I organize and plan. My V A R K results were: o V’s 7 o A’s 9 o R’s 10 o K’s 7 My stepping distance is 4 I AM A MULTIMODAL My Multiple Intelligence Inventory results were: o Verbal/Linguistic 4 o Musical/Rhythmic 2 o Logical/Math
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Unformatted text preview: 4 o Interpersonal 1 o Visual/Spatial 1 o Intrapersonal 3 o Bodily/Kinesthetic o Naturalist 2 Both assessments agreed that I like writing and like to deal with words. Personally, I think they disagree with one another a lot. They strategy I believe most effective for me would probably be the V A R K. The Multiple Intelligence Inventory was okay, too. The other ones were a little more complex and harder to understand. Now that I know my strong points I can focus more on them and use them to my full ability....
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US101 week6 assignment - 4 o Interpersonal 1 o...

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