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COM155Doc1week3assesment - .l hlue_pencil Microsoft...

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Unformatted text preview: .l' . hlue_pencil - Microsoft Internet Explorer provided by Smarthcoess 6.5 9%; V a http:,llmeclia.pearsoncmg.comi'pcplpcp_93899_mwl_axiauop,I'GFi_commasi'index.html Eile Edit flew Favorites Iools Help =d :Il'l <4- EX F'LlIlRE SlL'I."EFLl-'tDEI 'l-_" ,-'| :'_|'_lr"Ir"I.-' _ _ i__ :',|'_||'"I|'"I.-'I ll' a Last summer one of my brothers Hugo got a job as a secretary at a Fine academy. This academy A A trains over xi ODD firefighters a year. Each day during lunch Hugo would watch training exetcisas. A A Instructor: and cadets would set large structures on file and then they would use different substances A to put out the flames. Once {hay set fire to 10,000 gallons of liquid petroleum gas which was A a pretty scary. The academy also had equipment that would simulate burning buildings oil fields and ships. A A F :- A1, the and of the summer as a going away presentone of the chiefs let Hugo drive a Fire truck, A A scans 100 asunmmo W10 l3. l. Done I I I I I I I a Internet I a 100% ' ...
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COM155Doc1week3assesment - .l hlue_pencil Microsoft...

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