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hcr210 wk8assign - Running head RELEASING PROTECTED HEALTH...

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Running head: RELEASING PROTECTED HEALTH INFORMATION 1 Releasing Protected health Information Katrina Blakesley HCR/210 Due June 19, 2011 Jacquelin Joffray
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RELEASING PROTECTED HEALTH INFORMATION 2 Releasing Protected health Information An obligation for medical professional is patient confidentiality. A patient’s medical information can not be released to anyone without the patients consent. Regulations and laws protect patient’s medical information, at the state level and the federal level. “A breach of confidentiality is a disclosure to a third party, without patient consent or court order, of private information that the physician has learned within the patient-physician relationship” (AMA, n.d., Patient Confidentiality, para4). In society, health care is one of the most personal and confidential services provided. Covered entities can only release patient information under certain circumstances. Covered entities are health care providers, health plans, or a health care clearinghouse. Patients may request their medical records at any time with a written request. Patient consent is not needed for treatment, collecting for services, or operations. Operations include training programs, reviews of medical services, and fundraising, to name a few. According to HHS.gov (n.d.), there are 12 national purposes for disclosing priority patient medical information without consent (p.6, para.12). The 12 purposes are as follows: (1) as required by law, (2) public health activities, (3) a victim of some sort of abuse, (4) health oversight activities, (5) proceedings, administrative or judicial, (6) law enforcement purposes, (7)
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