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Running head: RECORD CONTROLS 1 Record Controls HCR/210 June 5, 2011
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RECORD CONTROLS 2 Record Controls No matter if an office is using paper records or electronic records, polices are about the same. Keeping patient records safe and secure is an important job for medical staff. Whether it is a small facility or a large facility, records are kept secure. If records are not filed in their normal place, most facilities have another holding area for the records. This is a place for the records to be stored before and after a patient’s visit. If the facility uses paper records some find it necessary to chart the circulation of the files and some facilities do not. This is an important procedure to track patient’s records at all times. This makes it possible to know who last had the file and when they had it. The facilities that chart the circulation of files require a signature of the person checking out the file and the date the file was checked out. This is a requirement in most facilities before records are able to be removed from the records department. Record management requires all procedures to be followed correctly to make it a smooth
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HCR210Record Controlswk6assign - Running head: RECORD...

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