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HCR210wk6ckpt - patient’s record until it is entered in...

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HCR/210 Week Six checkpoint Due June 2, 2011 Electronic records are fast becoming the way of keep patient’s records instead of paper records. Looking at the interviews posted by the classroom groups, technology is taking over. Electronic records make it easier to read what the doctor writes, and makes patient’s records easily accessible. Paper records take up space that the electronic records do not. The smaller offices are the only ones who basically still use strictly paper records. The bigger offices and hospitals are using paper records as well as the electronic ones. Organization still differs from one office to the next. The one thing many of them do is put the patient records from oldest to the newest in categories. Electronic information is entered right away or clipped into the
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Unformatted text preview: patient’s record until it is entered in the computer. All facilities anchor the paper records securely into the patient’s folder. All facilities keep patient records in a safe, secure area. Anyone who wants to access patient records must have the authority to do so. The staff members must sign the records in and out with the time and date. The smaller facilities are better able to secure patient’s paper records better than the bigger ones because of less public access and availability. Hospitals have security personal to patrol the large open areas that are accessible by patients. In doctors offices patients are visible at all times and have no access to patient’s records....
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