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HCR210wk7ckpt - Many doctors have the fear that patient...

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HCR/210 Week seven checkpoint Due June 11, 2011 Doctor’s want to use the internet database, so it is easier for hospitals and clinics to share information about patients. They believe it is secure but are having a hard time convincing patient’s of it. Parents do not want this database used because of the information that will be able to be known about their children. The data base will show the trouble the children have gotten into and the dealings with the police the child has had. It will also show social and psychological profiles about the children. Parents do not believe this information should be shared. The parents will have to give consent for their child’s sexual and mental health to be accessed. Even though their consent is required they still fear the information wont be secured enough.
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Unformatted text preview: Many doctors have the fear that patient records will be able to be stolen and sold to the highest bidder. The records that are not sold may be held until the patient pays money to get them back. Even then whoever stole the records may have other copies. Another challenge is the cost to go fully electronic. It will cost millions of dollars to get the system up and running. They say in the long run the system should pay for itself. In the United Kingdom almost 90% of the medical field uses electronic medical records. Here in the United States only about 30% uses electronic records. Eventually the medical records will be all electronic and paper records will no longer be used....
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