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HCR210wk9cap - The medical department has to deal with...

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HCR/210 Week nine Capstone Due June 23, 2011 Depending on the size of the facility depends on how many patients are seen in a day. The larger facilities see more patients than the smaller ones. The smaller facilities average about 35-50 patients a day. The medium facilities average 100-150 patients a day. The larger facilities average 200-500 patients in a given day. The larger the facility, the more physicians there are to see patients. The larger facilities tend to misplace patient files more than the smaller facilities. The larger facilities have more room to misplace things. The larger facilities have the challenge of patient volume.
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Unformatted text preview: The medical department has to deal with patient records under the care of many physicians, therefore have mounds of work. The only way to overcome that challenge is if every physician would have their own biller. Another challenge that medical billers have to face is converting patient records from paper to electronic. The more patients a physician has, the more information that has to be transferred. Converting from paper records to electronic records is time-consuming and will take some time. As a facility grows in size the more challenges will arise because of the increasing workload....
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