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HCR220 wk1assignment - Running head STEPS IN MEDICAL...

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Running head: STEPS IN MEDICAL BILLING 1 Steps in Medical Billing HCR/220 May 1, 2011
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STEPS IN MEDICAL BILLING 2 Steps in Medical Billing The first thing a medical biller needs to understand is that paying for medical services is the responsibility of the patient. Other job details are to prepare accurate claims by analyzing charges, determining what is covered by the insurance company and what is not. The biller’s responsibility is also to collect payments from patients and health plans for services provided. Verifying patient information, billing responsible parties, and maintaining financial records are just a few of the job responsibilities of a medical biller. The process of medical billing has 10 steps and is broken down into three categories. The first category is the “visit,” this is when a patient’s goes to the physician’s office for an appointment. The visit includes the first four steps in the medical billing process. The first step is preregistering patients to establish reason for needing medical attention. Patient and insurance information is updated at this time. Scheduling follow-up appointment or updating
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HCR220 wk1assignment - Running head STEPS IN MEDICAL...

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