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HCR/220 week five checkpoint Due May 26, 2011 Category I codes are numerous and are five digit numbers with descriptions. Category I codes are for surgery, anesthesia, evaluation and management, radiology, medicine, and pathology and laboratory. If a patient goes in for surgery and is administered anesthesia each procedure is assigned a category I code. Anesthesia codes are 00400, 01710-01782 of the category I codes. Category II codes are optional and have four numbers and the letter F which are used for patient’s progress toward a medical goal. Category II codes are used for therapeutic, preventive, or other interventions. Diagnostic screening processes and results use
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Unformatted text preview: category II codes. Category II codes are tracking codes and they help the medical field collect data on patient care. Category III codes are temporary codes for new technology and are four numbers followed by the letter T. These codes are temporary codes for services and procedures that arent yet approved but are currently studied and these codes help in data collection. If a patient has an illness the doctors can not explain and an experimental test is done, the procedures code would be a category III code. When a procedure is accepted the code will be listed into category I codes. These codes can be reused if the procedure or service is terminated....
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