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HCR/220 Week six checkpoint Due June 3, 2011 Portable home oxygen unit is code - GY because portable is not a necessity so it is not covered by insurance. Emergency ambulance transport and extended life support is code - QN because it is an emergency and is provided by the provider who is providing the services. Diagnostic mammogram, left breast is code - LT which is applied for procedures on left side of the body. Cortisone 10mg injection, right shoulder is code -RT for procedures on the right side of the body. Nonelectric wheelchair is code -
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Unformatted text preview: GZ because it may not be covered by the insurance if not necessary. • Intravenous catheter line, right arm is code -RT for right side of the body. • Laboratory certification, cytology specimens is code -TC because it is a technical component. • Chest x-ray is code -TC which is a technical component. • Prosthetic hip replacement, left side is code – LT because the replacement is on the left side. • Electric hospital bed is code – GY because electric is not a necessity and is not covered by the insurance....
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