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HCR/220 week seven checkpoint due June 10, 2011 There are many errors that may occur during billing and coding. The three most common Errors in billing and coding are: Data entry errors Incorrect coding errors Duplicate billing errors Data entry errors are a wide variety of errors. Data entry errors can be a simple misspelling of the patient’s name. It can be as complicated as entering the wrong insurance information. Another billing and coding error is the input of incorrect codes. When incorrect codes are entered it may cause the patient all kinds of grief. If the code that is entered is not covered by the insurance company then the patient will be billed. Trying to straighten out medical bills can be a headache in itself. Duplicate billing is another common billing and coding error. Sometimes a patient may be sent two bills regarding the same procedure or service
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Unformatted text preview: they received. This happens when, for some reason, there is no evidence of a bill already being sent. This may also happen if the insurance is not going to pay the pay they may forward it to the patient. Then the office itself may send the same bill. This happens when the office and the insurance companies do not communicate. I tried finding solutions to solve these problems on the internet and could not find anything. Every article I read just suggested some sort of billing program you can use to do the billing. I think a solution to solve any of these problems is rather easy. If there were stricter rules on billing and coding patient medical bills there might not be so many mistakes. I think before a bill is sent out it should be reviewed by someone other than the preparer....
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