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HCR220wk9cap - when patients sign their patient right to...

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HCR/220 week nine capstone Due June 23, 2011 In the medical billing process there are three categories, which contain 10 steps. The categories and steps are as follows: Visit (this refers to the visit to the physicians office) o Preregister the patient o Establish financial responsibility o Check in the patient o Check out the patient Claim (Documentation needed to bill for services) o Review the code compliance o Check the billing compliance o Prepare and transmit claims Post claim (this refers to after the submission of the claim) o Monitor payer adjudication o Generating statements o Generate patient statements Health Insurance Portability and Accountability or HIPAA, ICD, CPT, and HCPCS have influences on the medical billing process. During the first step, the visit, medical staff follows HIPAA regulations. HIPPA influences patient confidentiality and record handling. This is also
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Unformatted text preview: when patients sign their patient right to privacy, which follows HIPAA regulations. HIPAA regulations also are used to retrieve demographic, insurance, medical, and financial information. ICD and CPT codes are added at patient check out. ICD codes are three digit diagnostic codes. CPT codes are for procedures and contain five digits. CPT codes are categorized into three categories. Category I are description codes that explain the procedure. Category II codes are to track performance for medical goals. Category III are temporary codes are for services emerging and not yet recognized. For any services provided at a hospital or an outpatient facility receive an HCPCS code. ICD, CPT, and HCPCS are references that contain the medical codes for all services provided by a physician....
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HCR220wk9cap - when patients sign their patient right to...

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