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PEER REVIEW ~ Your classmate’s CheckPoint Part I: Teens get lesson in danger of texting while driving. www.wfaa.com The claims being made is that it is dangerous texting while driving an automobile. Here in the Dallas, Texas area there are around 700 wracks and 4 deadly ones do to people texting while driving. Jeff Maher is an Allstate Instructor who gave teens and adults a test while driving and texting. It was conducted in a parking lot with blow-up kids and lots of orange corns. The driver would have to answer incoming texts while driving. The entire class said that it made them aware of how dangerous it is to text while driving and could not do both at the same time without running over a corn or blow-up children. By the way people drive here in Dallas, Texas when texting or on the cell phone I thought the fatality rate would have been higher. The author is a creditable newsman, whom I watch every day on channel 8. Now a day’s the media do more stories on people texting while driving than drunk driving. But texting while driving is equal to
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