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RE_Week1_Quiz - *1 Is there anything you can do to improve...

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Sheet1 Page 1 *1. Is there anything you can do to improve the energy efficiency of your home, apartment or dorm room? Discuss some simple steps you could take to decrease your energy use. Yes, there are a few things that I am able to do to increase the energy efficiency of my home: 1) Locate reading chairs closest to windows which provide ample light to read during the days (thus limiting the need to switc 2) Replacement of the shower head to be more energy efficient. 3) Sealing of the air cracks in the front door to prevent hot & cold air entering the home (to limit the use of the AC/heater) 4) Replacement of all lights with CFL. 5) Installation of reflective insulation in the attic to block the heat from entering the house -- limits the AC usage. *2. (Points: 1) Calculate the amount of energy in 13 cubic meters of natural gas in terms of kWh. 13 * 8.816 = 115 kWh *3. (Points: 1) In your own words, define the terms 'Power' and 'Energy.' Relate each definition to the other. Energy is the means by which work may be done on or to something. It is typically in the form of electrcal, chemical, thermal, nuclear or mechanical energy. Power is the speed at which energy is modified from one form to another. *4. Calculate the efficiency of a power plant that burns 20MW of fuel to produce 3MW of electricity. *1. 15% 3. 6.67% 5. 0.15% 3/20 = 15% 5. Find the principle sources of fuel that your local utilities use to generate electricity. Name the utility and note at least three of their energy sources. Florida Power & Light Energy Sources (As of Jan. 1, 2008): Natural Gas: 42% Wind: 33% Nuclear: 16% Oil: 5% Hydroelectric: 2% Solar/Other: 2%
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Sheet1 Page 2 Source: http://www.fplenergy.com/about/contents/about_us.shtml
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