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Case Study - wk6 - company Once the project team has time...

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Case Study a. Article posted about Live Patching of Oracle Solaris 9 posted April 2011: Basically the article describes in detail and gives written step-by-step instructions on how to perform live patches of a major program, Oracle Solaris 9. It provides what you need to do (the preparation), what you will need to have (setup) and the steps (procedure). b. Any of the installation methods could be used but I think it’s best to go with a parallel install. Since the IT staff members are so busy the parallel install would be easier on them and the
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Unformatted text preview: company. Once the project team has time to breathe again another installation method can be introduced. c. One way to determine if implementation was successful is to see if the end users are still up and running. Make sure there was no downtown that occurred with end users. d. Some major conditions that ensure the implementation is successful is that there are no errors, especially reoccurring errors. Also the maintenance of the new system is minimal and you’re not having to contact your vendor for help and support on the new system....
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