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Problems and Exercises - wk1

Problems and Exercises - wk1 - designed and managed over...

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Problems and Exercises 1. It’s important to use systems analysis and design because in this active world, analysis and design have to look into making systems that are flexible enough to accommodate changes as they are inevitable in any system. IF we just built the quick and easy way then not only would the design and system be questionable but also would it be accurate? Now days there are robots that build things but these robots took many years of analysis to build, not the quick and easy route. The engineer approach focuses on how complex engineering projects should be
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Unformatted text preview: designed and managed over the life cycle of the project. 10. The first noticeable difference is the amount of steps between the two figures and the names of the steps. The most similar thing I see is how both designs are a cycle. Figure 1-10 recognizes the 4 steps for SDLC where figure 1-11 shows how the end of the useful life of one system leads to the beginning of another project that will replace the existing system altogether....
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