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Problems and Exercises 1. The main factor of picking a pilot site is deciding how the installation will proceed there and at subsequent sites. You have to decide what type of installation you plan on going with whether it be direct, parallel or phased. Even though this is a pilot site it is still very important to consider all options and what will be best for you and the company. 6. It is both good and bad. The good part about vendors is they know their product and do their best to work out all the “quirks” before selling it to companies. Another good thing is that they are responsible for their product including the installation, maintenance and upgrading (if needed). You or your staff, contact them for issues. The bad thing about relying on a vendor is sometimes they cannot get to your issues until other issues with other clients are resolved. However is something is critical that has the company down the vendor usually has another tech come out. Another bad thing about a vendor is purchases made. You rely on your vendor to get you
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