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Communication Quadrant Essay

Communication Quadrant Essay - become more helpful and a...

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Communication Quadrant Essay To start off I would have to say I have two different experiences one being my workplace and the other being social gatherings whether it be family or friends. The two are obviously way different because they are two different surroundings. My communication style at work is both friendly and professional, with a casual joke here and there. Since it’s a very laid back environment it’s not unusual to hear laughter up and down the hallway. On the contrary, my communication style with friends and/or family is more open and laid back. My relationship with my family has helped me through my hard times which I then use to help my friends that come to me asking for advice in similar situations. In the workplace I know I did lack initiative so that is the main goal I have set for myself to
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Unformatted text preview: become more helpful and a leader instead of people asking for help I want to switch that and ask if they need help from me. I know it’s important to have initiative being a leader because people look up to you and it’s not that they expect your help but know you will help if it’s needed. Again, on the contrary, for social gatherings I would say I am the leader in my group of friends. Throughout my friendship all my friends would come to me for help and support in any situation but mostly relationships. I was always there for them and did the best I could and gave them advice from personal experience to help on their journey through life....
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