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Leadership and - their visionary and inspirational messages FDR was the first President of the US in a wheelchair but still came out on top after

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It is said that a charisma is “special” powers whether they be supernatural, superhuman or specific exceptional powers. Obviously neither Hitler nor FDR had superhuman or supernatural powers but I would agree that both had specific exceptional powers. FDR had his power being President of the United States and Hitler having his power or leadership of the Nazis. However, the two are obviously two different types of charismatic leaders because of how they emphasized their power. To give a few examples I would say their behavior; Hitler was killing off Jews because he thought they were a threat,
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Unformatted text preview: their visionary and inspirational messages; FDR was the first President of the US in a wheelchair but still came out on top after WWII, nonverbal communication; those who hailed Hitler would simply raise the right hand, and their display of confidence in not only themselves but their followers; I would say the followers of FDR were basically all American people but that is my own opinion and the followers of Hitler would bear the Swastika symbol. All in all the two were both charismatic leaders but beings that FDR did what he could to help the Jews, Hitler did the exact opposite....
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