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Noel-Levitz Reflective Assignment

Noel-Levitz Reflective Assignment - Week 2 Noel Levitz...

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Week 2 Noel –Levitz Reflection Assignment The first three questions are designed to get you to think about the survey results. The last question is the call to action – forming a plan. Take your time here and think about each question and be detailed in your responses. 1. List and reflect on your strengths and weaknesses as identified in the survey. Were you surprised? Which items do you feel are really representative of who you are and why? Which items do you feel are not you at all and why? According to the results my strengths and weaknesses were as follows: My strengths were study skills, verbal skills and math skills. I was a bit surprised with these results because I tend to procrastinate and cram when it comes to studying. There was no surprise with the verbal results because I think of myself as outgoing and interactive. Math was also a bit surprising because even it’s used every day I was never very fond of math.
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