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Noel-Levitz Student Inventory - Eric Zakrzewski...

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College Student Inventory™ Instructions Eric, this is a summary of your responses to the College Student Inventory. Its purpose is to help you identify your special interests and needs. The percentile ranks show how you compare to a larger sample of your peers from across the country. Specifically, they indicate the percentage of students whose scores are equal to or less than yours. Since your scores are based on questionnaire information alone, they may not give a total picture of your true attitudes. Your advisor or counselor will help you interpret your scores and find the services you indicate you need. Student Report Eric Zakrzewski Male, Age: 24 and younger Group1 March 09, 2010 DeVry University - Online Eric Zakrzewski ID#D03495678 Motivational Assessment Academic Motivation Perc. Rank Very Low Very High General Coping Receptivity to Support Services Study Skills Reading Habits Use of Technology Math Skills Commitment 81 44 52 24 8 Verbal Skills 76 Attitude Toward Educators 15 Personal Support Life and Career Planning Financial Security 79 72 60 Receptivity to Academic Assistance Receptivity to Career Planning Receptivity to Financial Guidance 30 9 16 Academics You may request that this report be removed from your advisor's file at any time. Notice Personal Background Educational Plans Self-Assessment: C student Ethnic Origin: Marital Status: Dependents: White/Caucasian Single Yes Preference for Learning: Online Credit for Prior Learning: Previous college credits earned First-Generation Decision to Enroll: Current A few weeks before classes began Part-time Enrollment Status: Employment Status: Full-time Plans to Work while Enrolled: More than 40 hours per week Mother, Sister Family Member(s) Who Attended College: Student Background Information College Student: No Degree Sought: Bachelor's degree To complete a degree/program at this institution Current Plans: Specific Recommendations The strength of your top 7 recommendations is indicated by its priority score (0 to 3.3 = low, 3.4 to 6.6 = medium, 6.7 to 10.0 = high): Get help with reading skills 7.5 Get help with test-taking skills 6.6 Get information about the salaries and opportunities for various careers 5.8 Get help with study skills
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Noel-Levitz Student Inventory - Eric Zakrzewski...

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